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The story of the switch

The Titan Switch was imagined and built inhouse in its entirety by ROCCAT. Featuring an inseparable bond between functionality and aesthetics, its design lets you see the performance of the switch. It was developed for gamers who love the feel of mechanical switches but demand something more in terms of precision and performance.

But what does it mean for a switch to be more precise and to perform better? For ROCCAT, it meant taking the most desirable attribute of a specific switch type and making it the entire focus of the development. And that’s how we devised the Titan Switch Tactile and Titan Switch Linear. Every single design consideration for every single part of the switches was made with the goals of Tactility and Linear in mind. It also meant breathing new life into the idea of a mechanical switch and innovating design aspects ignored by many for years.

The major design optimizations in the switches include 1.8mm (tactile) and 1.4mm (Linear) actuation points, respectively, debounced switch contact, reinforced transparent housing and tuned firmware. All combine to create the best-feeling key stroke ever.

Debounced Mechanics

Contact bouncing is a common problem with mechanical switches. With each key stroke, the switch tends to bounce or chatter on the electrical contact, cycling rapidly between being on and off. This can result in a single key stroke being recognized as multiple, or even not being recognized at all. Keyboard firmware is typically designed to account for this and features a delay in reading the signal until it settles.

Both the Titan Switch Tactile and the Titan Switch Linear tackle this problem by utilizing high quality mechanical components that bring the physical bounce of the switch to an absolute minimum. This allowed for a complete re-programming of the firmware to take advantage of the reduced bounce. It reliably reads the key stroke signal at a much earlier point after actuation, making the Titan switch 20% faster than its competitors – and a whopping 30% faster in the case of the Linear switch.

Press your key at the exact same time as your opponent? Your key stroke registers first, it’s as simple as that.

The Best-feeling Key Stroke

Linear for the sake of Linear benefits nobody. For ROCCAT, it was important that the fast feeling was carefully balanced with a feeling of control and precision. In the case of the Tactile switch, key strokes are optimized for exceptional crispness and responsiveness. For the Linear switch, the boundaries of performance were pushed to their limit while retaining an incredibly smooth and consistent feel.

To achieve this goal, ROCCAT aimed to optimize the Linear but not in the typical way. The actuation points were shortened to 1.8mm with a 3.6mm travel distance (Tactile), 1.4mm with a 3.6mm travel distance (Linear). For reference, they loosely correspond to CHERRY MX brown and red switches, respectively.

The Titan switch was also developed to feature a special housing, reinforcing the switch and making it much sturdier. It gives the keys a solid feel and eliminates wobble, even when keys are pressed aggressively or bottomed out. It also has the added benefit of protecting the inner part of the switch from dust and making it easy to maintain.

Together, these features create a truly exceptional key stroke.

Spreading the Light

The Titan switch was developed to take full advantage of the advanced AIMO lighting engine and provides the best possible stage for its living light.

Each switch features a long-life LED that can be individually configured to display multiple illumination effects in 16.Mm colors. The housing of the Titan switch is also completely transparent, which has the effect of spreading the powerful LED lighting farther.

The illumination is noticeably brighter, more brilliant and more vivid.

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